Friday, 28 August 2015

Changelogs MysticOS v2.0

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Fixed navigation bar
New bootlogo.
New bootanimation.
Changed fonts.
Awesome swipe animations in panel.
Gramophone as default music player.
Added Es File Explorer.
Integrated Kernel Adiutor, Xtreme Booster in settings.
New package installer.
Added official ports, downloads themes in About MysticOS.
Expandable volume panel.
Chameleon os network traffic and speed meter as well.
Custom carrier label in advanced option.
Lcd density changer in advanced option.
Changed switches in mediatek res.
Fixed wifi icons in settings (Xhdpi).
Fixed apn bug.
Changed L platlogo.
New Lland game.
Changed albumset bg color in gallery to match with action bar.
All options of battery bar working.
Dyanamic navigation bar working.
Enabled navigation bar.
Ram progress bar.


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