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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Mystic OS v7 Supported devices

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Micromax Fire 2 - 

Mystic OS 7 Stable

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Happy new year guys, here I present you another quick update of your Mystic OS ROM...

For changelogs, features, ss, etc go to Mystic Os XDA  thread...

• Download links 

  Micromax Canvas Fire 2 - download

  All supported devices - click here

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Dark Mystic Theme v1.0 for Mystic os v6

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Dark Mystic Theme for al devices having Mystic os v6.0 installed 

Features -

Dark themed  all system apps
Dark & Blue themed framework 
Dark themed notification panel with Blue header
Apollo music player
Amaze file manager
Xposed, Gravitybox pre installed
All other features of Mystic OS v6.0

How to flash -

U must be on Mystic OS v6.0
Download "Dark Mystic Theme v1.0" frm link below
Reboot into recovery
Wipe cache & dalvik cache
Flash dark mystic theme
Reboot ur phone...

Download - click here (50 mb)

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Mystic OS v6.0 themes/mods

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Dark Mystic v1.0 - Download
Dark Mystic mod by Ofief Rahmad - Download

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Mystic OS v6 Supported devices

with 119 comments
Micromax fire 2 (Mt6582) - download
Acer Liquid Z500 (Mt6582) (Ported by Michael Jay) - download
Lenovo s920 (Mt6589) (Ported by Djoeeh) - download
Gionee Ctrl v5 & Walton Primo H3 (Mt6582) (Ported by Thinkers Dev BD Team) - download
Micromax Unite 2 (Mt6582) (Ported by Sai Charan) - download
Evercoss a7e & a7e+ (Ported by Rizky Asegaf) - download
Micromax A116 (Mt6589) (Ported by Akhil GS) - download
evercoss a7v+ (Ported by Unyil Becrazy) - download
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G (Mt6592) (Ported by Apry) - download
Acer Liquid Z520 (Mt6582) (Ported by Michael Jay) - download
Lava Iris700 (Mt6572) (Ported by วีระพันธ์ ครองยุติ) - download
Acer Z520 (Ported by Ruzzell Malig) - download
Tecno H6 (Mt6582) (Ported by Nii Abe Abbey) - download
Intex Aqua i14 (Mt6582) (Ported by Tiraj Parab) - download
Acer Liquid E2 v370 (Mt6589) (Ported by Adrians Idrus) - download
Xolo Q500s IPS (Ported by JL Gelario) - download
CM fuze (Mt6582) (Ported by Dhenz Aquino) - download
Walton Primo EF2 (Ported by Dà UsëLéss Jøkér) - download
Evercoss A76 (Mt6592) (Ported by  Feri Zacky) - download
XOLO Q800/Fly IQ446/ Qmobile A20 (Ported by Haseeb Ashraf) - download
Imo Clarity (Mt6592) (Ported by  Wawan Priyanto) - download
Flare S3 Octa X330 (M6592) (Ported by Glen Junior) - download
Symphony H150 (MT6582) (Ported by Faisal Hossain)
CM Cubix Cube (Mt6592) (Ported by Yow Mike) - download
Evercoss Elevate A66A (Mt6582) (Ported by Tris Sastro) - download
Primo S3Mini(MTK6582) (Ported by Heart Joiner) - download
Xolo Q1010i (Mt6582) (Ported by Yazad Madan) - download
Canvas gold a300 (Mt6592) (Ported by shhsaeed) - download
Wiko Rainbow (Mt6582) (Ported by Karan Jassal) - download
XOLO Q510s (Mt6582) (Ported by Md Saif) - download
Gionee M2 (Mt6582) (Ported by Alex Allejo Ukavwe) - download
Micromax A117 (Mt6589) (Ported by They One) - download
Imo Raptor (Ported by Roe Jatie) - download
Mito fantasy selfi A77 (Mt6572) (Ported by Nover Ajj) - download
Alcatel Pop C3 (Ported by Edgerdo Torres) - download
Alcatel Pop D1 (Ported by Edgerdo Torres) - download
Alcatel Pop D3 (Ported by Edgerdo Torres) - download
General mobile discovery 1 (Mt6589) (Ported by  Yasin Basbug) - download

Monday, 12 October 2015

MysticOS v5.0 Supported devices

with 67 comments
Micromax Fire 2 (Mt6582) - download
Micromax Unite 2 (Mt6582) - download 
Acer Liquid Z500 (Mt6582) (Ported by Michael Jay) - download
Wiko Rainbow (Mt6582) (Ported by Ako Si Ken) - download
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3g (Mt6592) (Ported by Apry) - download
Intex Aqua i14 (Mt6582) (Ported by Tiraj Parab) - download
Gionee Ctrl v5 (Mt6582) (Ported by Masum Billah) - download
Lenovo s920 (MT6589) (Ported by Djoeeh) - download
Flare S2/Xolo q700 (Mt6582) (Ported by Dane Cruz) - download
Evercoss A76 (MT6592) (Ported by Feri Zacky) - download
Flare S3 Octa X330 (MT6592) (Ported by Glen Junior) - download
Micromax A116 (Mt6589) (Ported by Akhil GS) - download
Kata i3s (Mt6582) (Ported by Jess Anthony Javier Bagona) - download
CM fuze q390 (Mt6582) (Ported by Dhenz Aquino) - download
Evercoss a7v+ (Mt6582) (Ported by Unyil Becrazy) - download
Zte blade l2/Meo smart a75 (Mt6582) (Ported by André Miranda) - download
Gionee M2 (Mt6582) (Ported by Diparth Shah) - download
CM Cubix Cube (MT6592) (Ported by Yow Mike) - download
XOLO Q800/ Fly IQ446/ Qmobile A20/ All view p5 quad and clones (Mt6589) (ported by Haseeb Ashraf) - download
XOLO Q1010i (Mt6582) (Ported by Yazad madan) - download
Lenovo S820 CN & ROW (Mt6589) (Ported by Tommy Oce) - download
Tecno H6 (Mt6582) (Ported by Nii Abe Abbey) - download
Walton Primo S3 Mini (Mtk6582) (Ported by Heart Joiner) - download
Evercoss A7E & A7E+ (Mt6582) (Ported by Rizky Asegaf) - download
Canvas Magnus A117 (Mt6589) (Ported by They One) - download
IMO Clarity (Mt6592) (Ported by Wawan Priyanto) - download
GM Mini (Mt6582) (Ported by HM Rasel Khan) - download
XOLO Q1010 (Mt6582) (Ported by Vikram VA) - download
Lenovo A328 (Mt6582) (Ported by Esa Yahan) - download
Evercoss A7B (Mt6582) (Ported by Datu Rozi'sm Musicforrelief) - download
Evercoss A7Z (Mt6582) (Ported by Dedy Supriadi) - download
General Mobile Discovery 1 (Mt6589) (Ported by Yasin Başbu) - download
Starmobile UP/UP+ (Mt6582) (Ported by Ace Luna Atienza) - download
Walton Primo GH2/Gionee P4 (Mt6582) (Ported by Minhazul Islam Limon) - download 
Advan S4A (Mt6572) (Ported by Eron VanVan Zhilien) - download
Cherry Mobile Urban (Mt6582) (Ported by Dhan A. Mota) - download
Okapia Easy (Mt6572) (Ported by  Nayeem Hossain) - download 
Mito fantasy selfi A77 (Mt6572) (Ported by Nover Ajj) - download
Mlais M9 (Mt6592) (Ported by M4rQu1Nh0S) - download
Spice MI509 (Ported by Satyam@TG) - download
Verykool S354 (Mt6572) (Ported by Marcell Rojas) - download

Friday, 2 October 2015

Dark Theme For MysticOS v4.0

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MysticOS v4.0 - Dark Theme by Michael Jay

Download - click here 

Credits is on script

PatchMod For MystcOS v4

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Dhenz Aquino

How to use-

Reboot into recovery
Flash it

Download - click here